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An Introduction to Human Biofield Tuning and Vibrational Sound Therapy with Singing Bowls

Tuning The Human Biofield And Healing With Vibration Sound Therapy

Begin to Understand the Power of Healing and Relaxation By Igniting Your Touch and Auditory Perception Sensations

For some people, vibrations can be pleasurable, while to some others, they can be annoying. We all know the ASMR trend and how they use deep sounds to give you a calm sensation. What exactly happens to your mind when they munch on those crackers in front of their mikes? How can that seemingly annoying and weird stuff make people relax? Well, here are your answers and more.

What Exactly Is A Biofield?

A Human Biofield is an energy and space surrounding a practical human body. However, this field does not have any connection with the external surroundings. For example, if you are in a polluted area or near a smelly dumpster, that does not mean that your biofield is dirty or smelly.

Natural elements in your body produce an invisible bubble around you. It is linked with the activities of cells and has elements like thermal, electrical, electromagnetic, and photonic. Do not click back; I am not going to take you back to your school lecture halls.

What I am saying is, like you might have seen in some pictures on yoga posters or Pinterest, the lines that surround the body and inside the body make this biofield. When they receive vibrations, they transfer the vibrations to the much more profound parts of your body. Cue you falling asleep to those ASMR munching sounds, or you getting weird tingles and yanking out your earphones.

‘Tuning’ A Biofield

The particles in a human’s biofield, just like the things in your room, may be disturbed due to many situations and be all over the place. So, when you ‘tune’ your biofield, you make these distracted, all over the place particles line up in their original positions. Think of it as when a school bell rings and all chaotic children line up for the assembly.

These ‘tunings’ can be done with special bowls, tuning forks, and even gongs.

Now, how does tuning your biofield help you calm your nerves, and what is sound therapy? If you think that ‘tuning my workout and sleep schedule itself is a big hassle for me, how am I going to tune this bio stuff’, then no, don’t worry. You will not need an Einstein-level brain here. Just a couple of special bowls and mallets to hit them with.

Now hitting utensils and annoying your neighbors can be fun, but we do not want to end up in jail. So, let’s sit you down calmly on a mat or cushion and hit some meditation bowls. Abnormal blood pressure, anxiety, stress and depression, and fatigue can also be cured when your biofield is tuned correctly.

What Are Singing Bowls?

There are specific unique bowls made of special metals that help in healing. While they can go by a few names, they are called ‘Singing Bowls’. These bowls have different wall thicknesses, depths, and widths. So, each bowl gives off distinct vibrations and sounds when hit with a mallet or striker. 

When these vibrations reach your biofield, they resonate and set all the particles on the same wavelength. Thus, at the end of the session, you are as calm as the bowl was when left alone. Well, you may get disturbed once again if stuck by a mallet or a piece of bad news, but you will at least be calm and have a clear mind.

The sound waves these bowls produce will affect the mind and body. We all know the human body is 70% water, even though you are dehydrated most of the time and running on caffeine. The vibrations produced by the bowls also affect the brain waves. When stuck, the beats and sounds these bowls produce travel through the medium between you and the bowl, reach your body, travel through the water in your body, and affect the brain. This, when done on a pleasant frequency, will make your brain release friendly waves and happy hormones like serotonin.

What Kind of Singing Bowls Are There?

Cereal bowls, cooking bowls, holding bowls, and decorative bowls – no. Not these.

Meditation bowls for healing have been used for as long as meditation itself. Monks in Nepal, Bengal, and the Himalayas have practiced meditation using sound as the prime medium. People in China and Tibet have these bowls in their houses as a sign of peace. Right now, you can order them online, carefully though, or go to a meditation center and experience healing through sound therapy.

These bowls differ from each other in the sounds they make. Some may give out deep, long-lasting resonating sounds, while others give out short and sweet clink sounds. This is due to the different thicknesses and depths.

Many meditation bowls have come up since the effects of sound therapy became popular. There are as many as 50 types of bowls now. As they are becoming more popular, hybrid varieties by commercial sellers are also coming into the market. But the best experience is brought to you buy the good old ones. Hence look for old creaks and lines while buying one. They can be filled with water or fragrance liquid to make the more experience more pleasing.

Some of the Most Common Singing Bowls



These have straight walls, flat bottoms, and plain lips. It is the basic and most common singing bowl in a set.


These have curved walls and inwardly placed lips. You can tell them apart by the mallet striking lines etched onto their surfaces.


These bowls have a base that holds their flat bottoms. Due to the raised pedestals, their sound may sometimes be disoriented, but a meditation bowl set is never complete without these.


These are stout and round. They play the highest note among all the singing bowls. These are considered sacred in few ancient rituals.


These are large and heavy bowls and hence produce a deep sound. The sound they make resonates like the mantra ‘om’.  They have a concavity around the circumference of the bowl just below its lip, and that is how you can tell them apart.


They are wide bowls with shallow insides. They are pretty cheap and can be easily bought.


These bowls have the metal protruding inwardly into the bowl like a lotus. Unfortunately, they are extremely rare, and thus many duplicate replicas are sold online.


These are small and stout and have beautiful artwork. They are also very easy to play.


These are the modern kind of singing bowls. These are made with quartz and hybrid crystal material.       

For proper sound therapy, you need to choose the suitable bowls or tuning forks based on your intended healing session and the ailments you are trying to treat or cure. Vibrational sound therapy enables your mind to journey back to its roots and calm, heal, and energize you in a primal way.

For more information on the specific types of Singing Bowls, please check out our small series here.

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