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Book Series

Prisha’s books are love letters to all those searching for answers, whether those answers lie within our bodies, our minds, or our souls. While she possesses a wide range of knowledge and expertise in alternative healing modalities, her first two series of books are dedicated exclusively to Chakra Healing and Evolutionary Astrology to empower readers with a modern “How-To” on overcoming obstacles individually and collectively. She recognizes the unique nature of our relationships with ourselves and with others and endeavors to give practical, relatable advice as well as concrete steps to improve them.


Chakra Healing Series

Prisha’s first series of books is dedicated to Chakra healing and how this ancient, sacred practice has been the answer you’ve been searching for but didn’t know it.

She shows you how Chakra healing can address, correct, and transform the practical, real-world problems and challenges we are all plagued with in one form or another. She makes the Chakras accessible and relevant for the past, present, and future. She ushers in a new era for the woman of today.


Understanding Astrology Series

In her ‘Understanding the Sign in Your Life’ series, Prisha explains the cosmic secrets of evolutionary astrology to improve friendships, family bonds, professional associations, and romantic connections with each sign.

While she was raised by a famous Vedic Astrologer, Prisha’s exposure to Western astrological philosophies throughout her teenage and early adult life in the UK sent her on a different path, one she believes does reconcile all psychological, astronomical, theophysical, sociological, and philosophical influences. She shares her knowledge, especially with women, in an effort to empower them to unlock the keys within their souls they’ve always possessed to their own physical and emotional health, happiness, and healing.

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