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A Little About Me

I am not the star of neither this site nor our community.

You are. My colleagues are.


My most sincere desires are to simply share and be shared with.

I look forward to growing alongside you.

The Story of

Prisha Singh

Prisha has devoted her life to mastering, sharing, and teaching the Chakras and all their connections with understanding, balancing, and healing ourselves.

Raised by a famous Vedic Astrologer and a renowned Reiki and Vastu Shastra Master in Nepal, Prisha Singh could say she was simply born for this path. However, her choice to pursue it came much later in life and for much different reasons than one would think.

Inspired by the world-wide travel she enjoyed with her parents, Prisha begged to attend boarding school in her secondary or high school years in the UK. During her final year in high school, she was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease. Despite all the Eastern healing she’d been accustomed to and influenced by, she opted for Western medicine for treatment. She realizes now that decision could have been due to her very headstrong beliefs that she did, in fact, know everything then (as most teenagers do). Treatment was slow, evasive, and often confusing. She was told all that could be done was a strategy to relieve her symptoms and enable her to live a fairly normal life.


She went on to attend an elite university in London. Yet when she graduated, she was inexplicably overweight, in chronic almost paralyzing daily pain, and addicted to prescription medications. She had enough of Western medicine and returned home to embark on a very personal path.

Prisha dove into understanding both of her parents’ gifts as well as developing her own interpretations, disciplines, and gifts. With intense determination, meditation, Acupuncture, Ayurvedic herbs and medicines, Healing/Singing Bowls, Reiki, Yoga, Chakra balancing, and invaluable guidance, Prisha healed herself within a year of her return to Nepal. She now suffers from none of her ailments. She has dedicated her life to mastering the Eastern therapies that cured her.

Committed to sharing her knowledge, Prisha now focuses on helping others, especially women. She is an Ayurveda Practitioner, Reiki Master and Teacher, Tantra Teacher, Kundalini (Siddha) Yoga Teacher, Chakra Master and Teacher, Singing/Healing Bowl Expert, and Evolutionary Astrology Expert. She says, ‘None of my distinctions truly mean anything but fancy words on fancy paper. I am and will forever be a life-long student on a spiritual quest, constantly learning from those who are kind enough to share their knowledge and gifts.’ Her humility is only eclipsed by her genuine, humorous nature. She understands that true physical healing can only come from a combination of energy, spiritual, emotional, and psychological healing.  She shares her fierce love and compassion in helping others unblock and release the powerful healing within them.

Prisha now resides in Singapore with her husband and children. She prays her books, workshops, guidance, and teachings aid others in their own journey to peace, health, and prosperity. She often reminds us, ‘Only take the parts of life that really matter too seriously. YOU are one of those parts!’

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