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Become Apart Of

The VIP Review Group!

In exchange for your regular participation in growing the brand you will have exclusive access to products, books, and other items before they are publicly available. You will also have access to Prisha and her marketing team to share your thoughts and opinions.



You will receive free digital books, digital content such as quizzes, cheat sheets, etc., and, ability to enter for quarterly prizes.


You will be able to preview and have access to content before it is public released.


You will be required to participate in brand and book awareness and have the opportunity to give influential feedback to author.


In order to receive all the benefits of this group you must be an active member.
This is defined as:

  • Giving feedback and/or an Amazon review of the content received within 10 days of the the content being released to the group.

  • Participation in meetings and regular communication.

  • Promoting You Beyond Yourself content when appropriate to you social community (ie. friends, family, social media network).

Failure to follow the rules will result in rejection of group privileges.

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