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Unlocking Ayurveda Secrets Series Part IV

Turmeric - Your Beauty's Natural Ally

Discover the Incredible Cosmetic Benefits of Turmeric for Your Skin and Never See This ‘Spice’ the Same (DIY Recipes Included)

We’ve probably all heard of Turmeric—that immediately identifiable yellow powder. The West generally associates it with authentic Eastern cuisine while the East (especially the Hindu) sees it as a sacred staple to everyday life if one wants to capture luck, fertility, and a spouse.

But Turmeric is for much more than flavor or ceremony. Also known as Curcuma Longa, Turmeric is an Ayurvedic remedy for various skin issues. It is a golden spice and is considered to be an indispensable skin agent in Ayurveda for its many applications.

First, it kindles digestive fire (Agni), which is helpful in controlling toxins (Ama). By removing toxins from your body, you can keep several skin issues away. Turmeric is known to have Varnya (an Ayurvedic term that means the restoration and longevity of a radiant tone and texture of the skin/complexion), balancing the Pitta Dosha. It also has a dry (Rusksh) property that keeps Kapha Dosha in check and a hot (Ushna) nature that reduces the symptoms of an aggravated Vata Dosha. No wonder, it has been used in several beauty treatments for many centuries. Even today, it is increasingly being recognized and used for bringing glow and radiance back to your skin.

This age-old natural and Ayurvedic ingredient is packed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant components to provide solutions to several skin issues such as pigmentation, sun damage, acne, and even premature signs of aging not to mention its undeniable results for helping in psoriasis and reducing stretch marks.

So, let’s take a brief look at the advantages of using turmeric in your daily skincare routine!

Use Turmeric to:

Remove Dark Circles

Dark circles are caused due to increased exposure to the sun, poor sleep, scratching of the eyes, pigmentation, or heredity. Turmeric works to control dark circles around your eyes due to its anti-inflammatory and lightening properties. And if you wake up to find puffy eyes, use turmeric for a respite. It reduces puffiness by stimulating blood circulation.

How to use

Mix one tablespoon of curd with two teaspoons of turmeric powder. Add a few drops of lemon juice. Mix into a paste. Apply it paste for about 15-20 minutes and wash with lukewarm water. Darkness and inflammation will be drastically reduced.

Prevent Premature Aging

After losing elasticity, our skin begins to show wrinkles and fine lines. Our forehead, neck, and area around our eyes start showing signs of early aging when the natural oils are depleted. As a wonderful anti-aging agent, turmeric works by preventing the production of free radicals and protecting damage to the skin cells.

How to use

Mix one teaspoon of milk, honey, and turmeric powder in even amounts. Before applying this paste as an anti-aging face mask, clean your skin properly. Leave for 15 minutes. Wash with cold water. Note the amazing glow on your skin.

Lighten Marks on Skin

Various scars and marks on your skin can be difficult to deal with. By using the powerful Ayurvedic skin-clearing ingredient Curcumin present in Turmeric, you can say goodbye to such scars. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to improve the functioning of membrane cells and control excess melanin production, both of which help in lightening scars while keeping the skin tone even.

How to use

Mix equal amounts of turmeric powder and coconut oil (can also use lemon juice). Apply to and massage into affected areas, scars, or stretch marks. Once generously applied and massaged in, leave for 30 minutes. Rinse it with normal water and use a gentle face wash. It will provide nourishment to your skin and heal various pimple marks, stretch marks, and scars. For best and most noticeable results, apply twice a day.

Treat Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a condition in which your skin is scaly and itchy. Because of the incredible properties of the Curcumin in Turmeric, you can use it to dramatically reduce the inflammation indicative of an overactive immune system that speeds up skin cell growth because Curcumin impedes the production of cytokines and of phosphorylase kinase (PhK).

How to use

You can use turmeric both orally and topically for relief. For consumption, make a turmeric drink. Mix 2 teaspoons of turmeric powder with water or milk and drink it twice a day on an empty stomach for three weeks. For topical relief, mix one part turmeric powder with two parts water in a saucepan and simmer until a thick paste forms. Let it cool down and keep it in the refrigerator. Apply to the affected or symptomatic areas and let it soak in as long as you can. Within just a few weeks, you will notice an incredible reduction in your psoriasis.

Control Acne

It is one of the best and safest natural ingredients for the treatment of acne. It is often regarded as a miracle ayurvedic ingredient thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It reduces swelling and redness of blemishes and prevents bacteria from spreading.

How to use

Mix 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder, 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar, 1/2 tablespoon lemon juice, and 1/2 tablespoon honey to make a superb mask for the treatment of acne. Leave the paste for about 15 minutes on your face or till it dries and then wash it off with some lukewarm water. Do twice per week to see improvement in acne and a bright glow.

Rejuvenate Dry Skin

Include the powerful turmeric into your skincare routine to address dull or dry skin. It acts as a moisturizer by hydrating your skin and eliminating dead skin cells naturally.

How to use

Mix 1 teaspoon of Fuller’s Earth and 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder. Then, combine with 1 tablespoon of curd. Add 1 tablespoon of rose water and one teaspoon of Sandalwood to the mixture. Apply this paste to your face and neck evenly. Wash with cold water after 15 minutes. It can be used once a week. Curd is known to be a skin nourisher while Fuller's Earth has oil-absorbing and cleansing properties.

Last Words

Turmeric is an outstanding anti-inflammatory that has been recognized for centuries as a means to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, treat acne, brighten skin, and so much more. I’ve only covered a few of the phenomenal applications of turmeric here. It can be combined with many nourishing and complementary ingredients to make incredible, inexpensive at-home remedies. Instead of buying costly, artificial products, why not tap into the benefits of this ancient secret and discover your true beauty naturally?

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