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Relationships With the Cancer in Your Life and How to Make the Most of Them

Crave Your Crab

Begin to Understand Their Evolving Nature to Maximize Your Connection

As you may know, there is particular psychology behind each of the Zodiac Signs. This isn’t to say we are stagnant and solely predictable creatures void of individuality and spontaneity. Not at all!

In fact, we must remember that the sun sign is just the tip of the iceberg. It means that at the time we were born, the sun was passing through one of the 12 constellations existing in the firmament.

As such, our personality will be largely influenced by the characteristics of this sign. Our behavior, motivations, and the expression of our actions will be shaped by the features of this constellation.

But, guess what? There are still many other planets doing their part in molding the way we experience our feelings, show affection, socialize, etc.

However, in this article, we will focus only on the sun's signification and how to relate with someone born under this star sign. Although this will give you more than enough resources to enjoy this relationship to the fullest, let's not forget there is a lot more to explore!

So, let me ask you something.

Do you have a Cancer friend, co-worker, crush, or relative? Do you from time to time have little to no idea how to get along with them? Well, you have landed in the right place. Keep reading---you will learn tons of secrets, useful information, and tips to understand what is behind this warm and caring sign and how to win their heart!

Cancer’s main personality traits

Cancer is a water sign and is ruled by the Moon. Thus, their experiences will have a very emotional and subjective tone.

Their background, their family, the place where they grew up, or everything that has to do with the past will have a strong presence in their day-to-day life. They are very nostalgic and sensitive signs, with a special attachment to their roots and heritage.

They tend to perceive their surroundings through the lens of their moods and emotions, hence they struggle to be objective in their interactions and in the interpretation of their experiences.

Sometimes they assume what other people think of them without seeking to refute that impression, which can lead to certain drawbacks. I mean, don't be surprised if they seem more distant or cold at times for no specific reason! They may have misinterpreted some of your behavior as hostile when it probably wasn't like that at all.

Also, they struggle to translate their vast emotional world into words. Thus, it is crucial to encourage them to express what is happening to them, to communicate their feelings, and to exchange ideas to make this relationship work. It is also important to teach them that not everything is how they perceive it. There is nothing wrong with having opposing ideas about the same subject, that won’t jeopardize how you feel about them.

Another classic Cancer personality trait is how much they cherish their privacy. Their home is their sanctuary and they do not allow anyone to invade it without their full consent. Those born under this sign are not particularly extroverted and only let a lucky few into their private world. The ones they trust are usually family members or childhood friends, whom they have known all their lives. So if you're just getting to know a Cancer, bear with them. It takes them a little time to let go and open their heart to the unknown.

And this is another key issue: The unknown. Cancer has a great affection for everything that makes them feel safe at one time or another as they fear stepping out of their comfort zone. They are very sensitive and protect their tender core as much as they can, hoping it doesn't break. Therefore, forget about taking your Cancer companion to crowded, exotic places! They are not fond of spontaneous plans or faraway journeys either. With them, everything must be done slowly, step by step, checking how they feel at all times.

How to build a successful relationship with Cancer?

Now that you know more about the psyche of these signs, here are some tips to ensure this relationship goes smoothly.

Relationships with Cancer are built on trust and loyalty. If they have the slightest suspicion of distrust, they won't open the doors of intimacy with you. If you are willing to be part of Cancer's private circle, you must be very patient and understand it will take a while. However, once you do, your relationship with Cancer will be one of the strongest and most committed. They protect their loved ones from any harm, are great listeners, and will always offer a shoulder to lean on when you need support after an eventful day.

Our Cancer folks love to have people over for dinner. They are excellent hosts and wonderful cooks. They will prepare delicious comfort foods, talk about their changing moods, and have fun sharing stories from their past. But remember to always appreciate Cancer's gestures! If you take them for granted, they may get hurt or even sense you are upset with them for some reason. It's best not to incite their imagination in this regard.

Closing Thoughts

Like all water signs, Cancer has a sensitive personality that can go through a roller coaster of emotions in just one day. Yet, this makes them empathetic, considerate, and protective of their loved ones. Although they are rather introverted, they are faithful and committed to their relationships.

If you tend to be impulsive and adventurous, you will have to be patient with these shy signs, as they don't switch environments very often. Also, try to be careful with your feedback as they can be easily hurt by it. They are often insecure about their accomplishments and talents and take constructive criticism the wrong way.

Now, if you usually wait for the other person to take the lead role, you will have to make some effort. Cancer signs don't tend to approach strangers or people they don't know very well. But, I recommend you to take heart--this relationship is worth it!

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