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Relationships With the Aries in Your Life and How to Make the Most of Them

Know Your Ram

Begin to Understand Their Evolving Nature to Maximize Your Connection

Astrology is considered to be the oldest form of psychology known to mankind. Since ancient times, sages have found correlations between the movement of the stars in the sky and the events of mankind. After further study, they found that the motion of the planets impacts our behavior, moods, motivations, and personality.

How could they not?!

Our limited mind tricks us into believing we are separate entities, but in fact, we are intimately connected to the vast cosmos. Thus, it is said ‘as above so below, and as within so without.’

Let’s delve a little deeper into the psychology of each Zodiac Sign, so you can learn how to interact with them successfully and enjoy a fruitful friendship, marriage, partnership, and more!

In this case, we will focus on the first sign of the zodiacal wheel: the fiery Aries.

Did you just meet an Aries individual and you are not sure how to connect with him/her? Is your Aries co-worker driving you crazy and you don’t know how to proceed? Is your spouse an Aries and you’re not sure how to interact with him/her lately? Then, this article is for you.

Yes, Aries are restless, impulsive, and overpowering at times, but if you know all the tips and tricks to addressing and interrelating with them, you will enjoy wonderful relationships.

Aries’ Main Personality Traits

Aries are action-oriented types. They are straightforward, blunt, and sincere about their intentions. They hate playing mind games and beating around the bush! So, the first tip for a good relationship with an Aries is to address them with simple, concise words and actions.

Don’t panic if they get aggressive from time to time! They don’t even realize they are being so in most cases. They are very territorial and get defensive when they sense someone is invading them, especially strangers.

They often respond without thinking and overreact to stimuli, which sometimes gets them into trouble. However, just like the flame of a match, it goes out just as quickly as it is lit. After a few minutes, they forget why they were upset and return to their usual happy mood.

Keeping up with the fast pace of Aries is no easy task at all. They think, speak, and perform at a higher speed than the rest of the people.

They thrive on movement and can become very anxious if stuck in a confined space or sitting still in a chair for long periods of time.

Their schedule is packed with activities from the time they wake up until they go to sleep, yet they never seem to get tired! They are fond of sports, outdoor fun, and above all… adventures. Feeling a rush of adrenaline running through their veins really gets them going.

Also, Aries are born leaders and tend to be the first in line. They avoid following orders, are very independent, and take charge of their circumstances.

So now you have a pretty good idea of how to approach these bold and adventurous signs, don’t you? Well, let’s see how they approach other people.

Aries Approach to Others

As you can imagine, Aries is not the type who waits for the other person to make a move on them. They are usually the ones who introduce themselves and strike up a conversation, without waiting too long.

They are domineering partners and take over the relationship quickly, managing the pace and steering it to where they want it to go.

And this is another Aries signature. They are very desirous, intense, passionate, and candid. Whether we’re talking about a romance, a friendship, or a working partnership. They will approach their relationships the same way they embrace everything else in their lives: as an exciting adventure.

So, don’t worry about getting bored with Aries. Every day will be brimming with games, sports, and new experiences. If you’re not used to be on the move, it will take you a few days (or more!) to get used to it.

The more frank, outspoken, and honest you are with Aries, the better the relationship will be.

Aries’ Soft Spots and Pet Peeves

Knowing Aries’ preferences, vulnerabilities, and annoyances will be a valuable guide to winning them over, so take note.

Aries loves the outdoors, hiking, camping, climbing, you name it! As mentioned before, they are crazy for adventure, risk, and excitement.

Now, while they seem very brave and daring, deep down they often feel insecure without the support of their loved ones. They try to portray this confident image of themselves as if they don’t need anyone to get by. But they actually crave the approval of the people they admire, although they’ll never admit it.

Their biggest pet peeves are procrastinators and indecisive people, those who take a long time to take action. Aries hates waiting for others! Once they want something, they need to fulfill their desire immediately. Waiting for someone else to make up their mind is like handcuffing their hands and tying them to a lamp post.

Aries needs room to roam around freely, so picture them waiting in line at the bank! Ideally, you should let them manage their own pace, as asking them to change and adapt to your rhythm could kill the relationship.

Closing Thoughts

Like all people and zodiac signs, Aries has its positive and negative aspects, and Evolutionary Astrology shows us that any Aries will grow, develop, and ‘evolve’ throughout their soul’s journey. Thus, we must keep in mind that these insights are generalities and cannot account for the individual journey each of us has over many lifetimes.

Aries symbolizes the initial spark, the excitement of embarking on a new path, and the willingness to venture into unknown territory. The results may not be known, but the mere fact of taking the first step is enough to keep Aries motivated.

If you want to check if you are compatible with Aries, ask yourself how much you enjoy taking risks, whether you have tons of energy to spare, if you are passionate, and what kind of excitement and fun you like to experience.

Now, if you prefer to take life easy and don’t like to be rushed or told what to do, then bear with them! Your relationship with Aries will take a little more time to settle down but nothing that time and patience can’t solve.

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