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Introduction to the Lost Art of Laughter

Laugh Your Way to Healing

Activate Your Chakras Through Laughter and Begin to Experience Joy, Peace, and Abundance Like Never Before

When last did you have a deep, rib-cracking laugh? Laughter is the cheapest and most powerful natural healing method given to us by nature. Think about it: animals cannot laugh, plants cannot laugh, and non-living things cannot laugh. Only humans can laugh. But today, how do we use this gift from the gods? We do it out of necessity, to simply fulfill a duty/ perceived obligation, or to avoid confronting our feelings.

Laughter has an immense but mostly underrated healing potential. It has significant therapeutic effects that enhance the Chakra healing process. Laughter facilitates an overflow of health and abundant energy.

Laughter is powerful because it connects and interacts with particular body parts and their corresponding Chakra. Here are three such kinds of laughter.

  1. The Chortle Laugh occurs between the head and the throat. It expands the throat (also known as the Vishuddha Chakra) and allows a better flow of communication.

  2. The Guffaw Laugh happens at the center of the belly. It expands the full belly (the area housing both our second Sacral Svadhisthana Chakra and our Solar Plexus Manipura Chakra). This releases your fear of not being in control and empowers you to be firmly grounded.

  3. The Chuckle Laugh is located at the heart (the fourth Heart Anahata Chakra). This is the place where hormones of peace and the energy center are created to align you to your higher self. The chuckle opens up the heart and facilitates a stronger flow of energy to the rest of the body system.

Benefits of Laughter to the Wellbeing of the Body

1. Laughter especially cleanses the Manipura Chakra

Located at the navel, this Chakra is linked to your sense of self, self-esteem, a sense of purpose, digestion, and metabolism. Most times, our belly is stiffened by negative energy, which prevents free movement through the body.

Simply laughing has the power to unlock deep-rooted psychological impressions and trapped energies. Laughing can cause a smooth flow of boundless energy which produces positive vibrations in the body, relaxes the belly and improves digestion.

2. It alleviates stress and boosts your memory

Laughter minimizes stress and takes the mind away from worries, hereby restraining the body stress hormones. This is why people who laugh the most live a more exciting and happier life.

According to Michael Miller, MD, a professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and the director of the Centre for Preventive Cardiology at the University of Maryland Medical Center, “laughter causes regions of the brain that regulate emotions to light up. These regions suppress the release of the stress hormone cortisol and activate the brain’s memory center, the hippocampus.” This is the reason why so many of the most memorable moments involve laughter.

3. Laughter boosts the body’s immune system

When you laugh, it energetically opens the heart and allows all of the human body’s energy centers to expand. This releases denser energies to align the body with a higher frequency. Also, when you laugh heartily, you exhale and inhale longer.

Exhaling removes stale air from your lungs, and inhaling fills them with fresh air and more oxygen while contracting the chest and facial muscles. This enriches the blood to properly nourish the heart, brain, and body tissues. It dilates blood vessels, improves their functionality by reducing their stiffness and increases their flexibility.

4. Laughter creates the feeling of bliss

Research has shown that genuine, heartfelt laughter can lead to bliss. When you laugh really hard, the body releases endorphins – the brain’s “feel-good” chemicals. The endorphins help diminish pain and trigger positive feelings.

For a lot of people who are going through a traumatic experience like losing a loved one or dealing with illness, laughter could be a viable prescription. It can provide them with a time and space when they don’t think about their diagnosis or situation. This reconnects them with the pleasures and joy of life.

5. Laughter relieves pain

The most devastating and damaging pain to treat is emotional and psychological pain. They are quite difficult to diagnose and treat, which is why there are just a few medications for them compared to other types of pain. But a natural antidote to these pains is laughter. When you laugh, you reframe the hurt, allowing you to cope and adjust better to the pain. In spite of your current circumstance, laughter shows you that you can still enjoy life.

Due to its therapeutic value, leading doctors and psychiatrists around the globe are deploying laughter to enhance their healing methods. In addition, to its immense effects on the body, laughter can be used as a coping mechanism to deal with life’s difficult moments.

How to add more laughter to your life:

  1. Practice smiling. Many people have forgotten the fine art of laughing. This is why they rarely laugh. If you make yourself smile, then you become open to taking it one step further. The more you laugh, the better you become. So, smile more.

  2. Choose to see the humor in any situation: If you care to find it, there is a funny catch or lesson to learn in most any situation. Try to find the humor or help someone else find it themselves.

  3. Loosen up, take life a little less seriously: You don’t have to always be uptight. Learn to laugh at yourself in awkward or tough situations. Don’t always focus on what could go wrong or stop yourself from taking a small risk or having an adventure. Don’t be so serious!

  4. Participate in fun activities with others: You don’t always have to be a wallflower or outsider in every situation. Find a time when you go out to have fun and play games with friends and strangers.

  5. Visit a Comedy Club: There are so many comedy clubs that have mushroomed worldwide to teach people how to laugh on cue. Many of us have forgotten to stop and laugh at things that are funny. We are too busy or fear offending people. Find a club and visit it.

  6. Watch a funny movie or video: In the world of social media, you can access tons of funny movies or videos from anywhere in the world. You can literally control your mood at times just by putting something on that’s light-hearted or outright funny. Find one and have a genuine, hearty laughter.

Last Words

Laughter is universal. It’s unifying. It breaks ceilings and barriers. Best of all, it has a positive impact on your health and on your Chakras. Laughter can be the bridge that connects you with strangers, friends, and family alike, so get into the habit of always deploys it. It’s a choice.

Laughter ultimately reconnects people to their inner joy, and it is free or at least usually inexpensive. It is the best form of therapy. It is said that laughter is the highest spiritual path and the royal route to enlightenment. It offers an easy way to connect with the abundant energy of existence. So, tell me a joke?!


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