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Introduction to Taking Control of & Finding Relief from Hormonal Imbalance with Kundalini Meditation

The Indisputable Connection Between Health and Self-Care Behavior

Awaken Feminine Energies and Begin to Master Powerful Resetting Techniques to Stop Period Moodiness, Manage Emotions, and Eliminate Outbursts

Kundalini Meditation For Hormonal Balance

You probably didn’t pronounce that word right or didn’t pronounce it at all because you thought it was something not meant to be said out loud in public. 

Now ladies, when was your last mood wing? 2 minutes back? 3 minutes back? Or right now again?

No offense, I understand everything you go through, and no, I will NOT tell you ‘looks like it’s her time of the month.’ That phrase is deserving a punch to the gut.

Hormonal imbalance is common among women. You might find every single friend of yours, including you, going through irregular period issues, annoying cramps in the middle of the day, eating issues, anxiety, and stress. PCOD and PCOS are as common as a common cold.

I am here to tell you that you can get out of the ‘week that lasts a whole month’ state of mind? Let’s know the benefits of Kundalini yoga and how it will give your mind the peace of mind that you never seem to get.

What Does Kundalini Meditation Mean?

Kundalini is divine feminine energy located at the base of your spine, at the Muladhara. The term Kundalini actually means ‘coiled,’ like how your emotions and thoughts seem always to be coiled in a hot mess, and you can’t even say where one starts and where one ends.

Just like, you, hopefully, detangle the knots in your hair every day, you need to detangle all the emotions and thoughts. This will lead you to a path of self-awareness where you can clearly see what is what. Way to make you the girl boss!

Kundalini yoga pulls the energy from your body from the crown of your head to the base of the spine and emits it out through there. Once your body is clear of the negativity and bad vibes, you can let the pure energy of the universe (universe, not society, we all know there is nothing pure there) flow within you; let it connect with yourself and with nature.

What Are The Benefits Of It?

Do you want it? Or you don’t want it? Should you text him? Or should you wait? Are you going to buy it? Or wait for more till the discount sets in? Should you order in, or should you cook? All these and more dilemmas. But not anymore.

Streamline your thought process by practicing Kundalini yoga.

There are ‘Lock’ed up energy points in your body, maybe be it due to an ex or an out of stock notice or a ‘we don’t have ice-cream anymore’ situation. These blocked channels stop your spiritual energy from freely flowing within your body and into the universe. This leads to feelings of anger, jealousy, envy, and just, bad vibes.

Once you start to meditate and focus on the Kundalini properly, you can finally have that clear mind that seems to be so in trend these days. You will be filled with love, compassion, and happiness.

You can let go of all the work/study stress, family/friends drama, and anxiety. It also improves your cognitive ability and will give you good memory and creativity. So let’s run more on the happy hormones like serotonin than rush on adrenaline.

How To Practice Kundalini Meditation?

The very first step is simple and fun. Dress. If you want your mind to be free, you can’t let your body be caged in tight clothes. This isn’t the gym. So go splurge and get yourself some comfortable, loose-fitting, and preferably white clothes because that color calms the mind.

Now get your body into position. We are doing this, so square up your shoulders, relax your mind and just let go. You can be seated crisscrossed on the floor on a yoga mat or even be seated on a chair. The main thing is not to move much because you will be concentrating on the mind and your breathing.

Well, now that the basic steps are over, here come the tough ones. Focus on your breathing. A thing so easy that we do it subconsciously can be hard to while meditating. There is a special technique called ‘The Breathe of fire.’

No, you wouldn’t be blowing out the fire, though if you could do that, you wouldn’t need this article. Breathe of fire means breathing in and out equal parts of air rapidly while pumping out your stomach. This will take the oxygen to blood smoothly and then to all your body parts.

There are certain mantras and mudras you can follow too. And again, no, you will not be doing complex math level mantras or origami level finger gestures. A simple ‘Om’ mantra that will vibrate through your voice box and a simple thumb and forefinger touching mudra are enough.

The key point in this yoga is to visualize and imagine that all the negative energy is pulled through your body and released out through the base of your spine. Keep imagining that all your emotional twists, knots, and the metaphorical snake in you are uncoiling. With your eyes closed, gaze at the point between your eyes on your forehead and keep breathing.

What Will You Feel When You Have Done The Meditation Right

No, contrary to popular belief, you will not feel an out-of-body experience, nor will your soul astral project itself. There will be no lights forming around you. Instead, what you will feel is a sense of calm.

You can feel your energy is awakened and heightened. The stone that always seems to be in your brain will feel lighter, and you can just think clearer. When practiced regularly, this will lead to you forming a habit that will set your hormones, emotions, and menstrual stresses in a smooth line.

Your Turn

Kundalini meditation will give you a sense of energy and will let you focus better. Hence, many prefer to do it in the morning time. It will help coordinate your feelings and spirit. In addition, this meditation helps remove the harmful chemicals stacked up in your organs.

With proper breathing, fresh blood will be supplied to the uterus and ovaries and will create new cell activity – detoxing and replenishing, all in one place.

Thus, in the most natural way possible, you can get rid of your hormonal imbalances and set your menstrual patterns right.

So ladies, no more emotional drama, paranoia on delayed periods, or cramps. No more uteruses affecting work-life, and no more sleepless stress nights. Practice the Kundalini meditation for 5 to 6 minutes a day regularly and notice yourself breaking free.

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