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Introduction to Essential Oils and The Chakras

Tapping Into the Chakras Through Essential Oils

Begin to Learn How to Maximize Aromatherapy’s Mental & Physical Health Benefits in Chakra Balancing and Experience the Clarity of Mind and Re-ignition of Energy Flow You Need to Be Your Best Self

Essential oils have always been promoted by different professional and self-proclaimed “experts” as important elements for achieving good health, both physically and mentally. Mostly, people associate the use of oils with massage therapy, casual application after an exercise session, or simply for cosmetic purposes. These are clearly important oil uses – which really is why they are the most commonly known uses – but this article’s primary focus is on an entirely different usage of oils. Essential Oils are a group of oil-types, believed to have special properties that can open up the different chakra points in our bodies, giving us the necessary mental and physical balance needed to live a fulfilling life. The chakra system contains different energy points within the human body. These energy points have their own specific purposes within the body, and they collectively flow together as a system, granting the individual a full and prosperous life.

The Oils and the Chakra System

Essential oils help with the chakra points in the body, by keeping them open. The chakra points are only useful to us when kept open, and may even have negative effects on a person when blocked. So, if your energy feels off or you realize that you do not fully feel like yourself, without any physical cause, the problem could be stemming from your chakras. The chakra points within the body are expected to function collectively as a unit, like a wheel or disc. They should be kept spinning and in sync with one another. This is why it becomes a problem when a single one is blocked or unbalanced. It affects the general flow and reflects in the psycho-emotional build of the person. It also sometimes manifests physically, through a fever or some other illness, due to the connection of chakra points to the organs and nerve bundles of the body.

The problem of having blocked chakra points is very common. The human body is not perfect, and sometimes, despite your continuous intentional efforts, you may find your chakra blocked one way or another. Usually, activities like Yoga and meditation are the primary go-to solutions for reopening and balancing our chakras, and they have proven to be quite successful. An additional solution would certainly not hurt, and only increases the available options, which is why these essential oils have been developed. They are believed to recalibrate our chakra points whenever they seem not to be flowing smoothly.

The Oils-Types and Our Chakra Points

Different types of oils are said to work for specific chakra points. Due to the different functions of each chakra, essential oils must be used specifically for the right chakra point in order to achieve the desired effect. The healing properties of the oils being used must specifically align with the functions of the chakra points they are being used for. This way, it does not end up being a futile exercise.

Different studies have shown the benefits of using some of these essential oils. Some studies suggest that these oils may be useful in reducing stress and anxiety. Some also concluded that they come in handy right before going to bed, thereby having a positive effect on our sleep. Depending on the type of the essential oil in use, applying them to the right Chakra points can take their benefits to a whole new level.

The Root Chakra is a chakra point associated with the earth element, located at the base of our spine, and are believed to help with our feelings of security and belonging. An essential oil which is effective for the root chakra is the Red Spikenard. It helps with opening of the root chakra and gives you feeling of control and stability over your life.

The Sacral Chakra comes next on the wheel of energy, and primarily represent creativity and sexual capabilities. For the sacral chakra, the Pink Pepper Seed has been said to be one of the most suitable essential oils. It gives you satisfaction with being in your own body, and evokes eroticism and ecstatic sexuality – when you need them, of course.

The Navel Chakra is primarily associated with the fire element. When the novel chakra is balanced or open, it enhances our self-esteem, personal identity, confidence, and personal power. Black Pepper Oil has been said to be useful in unblocking this energy point and bring to light its functions. It opens up your ability to find new solutions to old problems and remaining motivated even in challenging situations.

The Heart Chakra connects the first three chakra points to the final three, which shows how important it is to the entire system. A blocked heart chakra affects the entire system more severely than any other chakra point. Located at the center of the breastbone, the heart chakra represents love Joy compassion and loyalty. The Rose Oil is a classic essential oil known to help with love, making it suitable for enhancing this chakra point.

The Throat Chakra is a spiritual chakra points that represents the voice within us – our self-expression. It brings out our authenticity, truthfulness and clarity. The Blue Chamomile is an essential oil suitable for the throat chakra. It helps in opening up the chakra point, which in turn helps in achieving clarity of purpose and proper communication within oneself.

The penultimate chakra point is the Third-Eye Chakra, located at the center of the forehead. This is responsible for how you relate internal dialogue to the external environment – the control of the mind. Citrus Lemon Oil is very “essential” to keeping this chakra point open. It helps with concentration as well as embodying all elements in their purest forms.

Finally, The Crown Chakra is not represented by any of the elements of nature. This is because it represents a detachment from any earthly or material item. It represents ascension, the feeling of oneness with the entire universe, and the detachment from delusion. White Lotus Flower is one essential oil type that has proven ability as to opening up this chakra point. It stimulates your unconscious level and helps cultivate the desire to be self-actualized.

Last Words

There is a myriad of oil types that correspond to the specific chakra points they enhance. When feeling stuck or unable to connect internally with your energy points, be sure to give these essential oils a try. Ultimately, you have nothing to lose and a whole lot of balance to gain!


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