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Crystal Healing for Back Pain

Don’t Turn Your Back!

Begin to Understand Ancient Secrets to Relieving, Managing, or Eliminating Chronic or Injury-Related Back Discomfort Without Additional Medications

Generally, we all keep our fingers crossed and hope to avoid sickness or pain in all phases of life. No one likes any form of interruption in their health, whether it is a slight headache that just fails to disappear or a couple of days of feeling feverish. The need to keep ourselves healthy for as long as we can has led the development of different forms of healing including alternative medicine.

Healing Crystals

Healing Crystals fall under this category of healing. They vary in appearance and function and contain some outstanding and potent healing properties. In modern day, despite being an alternative form of healing, crystal stones have become particularly prevalent in many places across the United States and around the world. More people continue to adopt these stones for their incredible healing abilities despite culture, geographic location, or generational identity.  

The different types of crystal stones have their own specific abilities, useful for the mind, body, and soul. Generally, the stones help the mind with the positive flow of energy by getting rid of negative thoughts. Maintaining this flow of positive energy will then reflect on the surface, significantly improving our physical health as well.

Unsurprisingly, these crystal healing stones originated from Buddhist and Hindu cultures in ancient India. These cultures are generally renowned for their healing and medicinal ways over the centuries. The stones have been a source of healing to the ancient experts, who passed down the practice across generations until modern day.

The healing stones have been particularly noted to solve physical issues like back pain (which we address here in this article). Different people experience back pain in different ways. For some, the pain surfaces when the back is strained, going through an intense level of physical activity. For others, they begin to experience pain in the back after a prolonged period of inactivity. Regardless of the trigger behind your back pain, the fact that it exists is unpleasant enough. The good news however is that several healing crystals are effective against such pain, if applied correctly.

Specific Functions

Since crystals have healing properties, they can be quite effective when it comes to alleviating back pain. But what exactly do they do in eradicating it? What specific functions do they perform, and what effects do they have on the body that lead to actual healing? We address a few of them in this segment.

Flushing Out Toxins

Depending on the crystal being used, flushing out certain toxins can be one of the ways to eliminate unwanted pain in our back. The toxins being referred to are however not physical toxins in our organs. Rather, they refer to the elements blocking our chakra points, which then manifests physically as backpains. Certain crystal stones can provide our system with the necessary energies that detoxify our chakra system.

Repair and Regeneration

Crystals also have the ability to repair back pain problems when used consistently, over a period of time. Crystal patches are advisable to be used in achieving a general repair of the back. They increase the exposure of your body to the crystals and provide you with the necessary energy. This is a proper remedy for incessant repetitive back pain issues.

Empowering the Lower Chakras

The relationship between our chakra system and our physical condition is an obvious one. Our chakra points are located in different areas of our body and are responsible for maintaining balance between our minds and bodies. The Sacral and Root chakra are responsible for the energies flowing through the middle to the lower back. Using the necessary healing crystals for this chakra points empowers the flow of energy in these areas and bring general vitality to the region.

Relaxation and Pain Relief

The crystal stones also help in relaxing and easing the tension felt on different surfaces of our back. The knots in your back will be unwound and the muscles will be relaxed, thereby easing whatever existing pain you feel in certain areas of your back.

The Stones and their Uses

 For the purpose of easing back pain, time crystals are the most commonly used, and have been proven to be quite effective. We will examine some of them below.


Hematite is a crystal that is effective for pains in the upper and lower back. Its healing properties are known to be very pronounced and is also recommended for easing pains in the back after back surgeries. It revitalizes the energy in the back area and helps with recovery.

Using Hematite

  • Follow these simple steps to use Hematite effectively:

  • Place the hematite on your lap while in a sitting position

  • State your affirmations for healing and repeat it to yourself

  • Close your eyes and keep them closed for 10 minutes

  • Meditate while your eyes are closed

  • Rub your sacral chakra area with the stone

  • Rub the area of pain with the stomach

  • Do it after waking up, regardless of the time of day.

Smoky Quartz

The smoky quartz is a crystal used for effectively combating upper back pain. If you realize that there is usually a slight level of pain in your upper back when you wake up every morning, give smoky quartz a try. Pain caused by sitting constantly in awkward positions and high levels of stress are best healed using the smoky quartz crystal.

Using Smoky Quartz

  • Place the stone around your forehead area

  • State your affirmations for healing to yourself

  • Close your eyes and meditate for 10 minutes

  • Rub the Smoky Quartz across your back

  • Place the crystal around you before you sleep


Just like other crystals, the Aventurine is known for is easing tension around the back and the spinal cord area. Aventurine is said to provide general stamina and virility to the back. It is suitable for individuals who engage in heavy exercise and workout routines, aiming to strengthen their back muscles.

Using Aventurine:

  • Place it over the heart chakra

  • Hold both palms over the stone

  • Breathe calmly and deeply for 10 minutes

  • Place the crystal stone on any area of your back where you feel any pain

  • Tie the stone around the back with a silk cotton or a cloth

Last Words

It is important to note that crystal stones may not serve as a direct replacement for modern medicine. You must continue to consult your established physician or alternative healing practitioner in your care regimen. However, crystals can be extremely when it comes to providing additional ease and comfort to our minds and bodies. With regards to easing back pain, other known crystals include the Black Onyx, Sunstone, and Malachite crystals. The goal is for you to check out what works for you and be open to exploration because there is never just ONE answer. So, don’t dismiss or turn away from a potentially viable form of healing just because it seems ‘off the beaten path’. After all, thousands of years of Eastern healing can’t all be a hoax, can it?

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