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An Introduction to Crystal Healing Stones

Updated: May 16, 2022

How Crystals Connect to Our Minds and Bodies

Begin to Understand How These Ancient Tools of Mental and Physical Healing Fight Against Negativity, Stress, and Disease While They Recharge Strength, Health, and Happiness

Alternative healing and medicine have been on the rise in recent years. They have been tested by many individuals and have been seen to work, and quite effectively too. Concepts like tai chi, yoga, acupuncture, and healing crystals have been embraced by more and more people by the day. Their effects have been proven time and time over, which has led to their continuous rise.


Crystal healing stones have particularly become rampant across the United States and the world at large. You may have seen some of these stones in your environment, in the possession of your neighbors or colleagues, without knowing what they are, what purposes they serve or how they are used. This article gives an overview of these crystal stones, briefly exploring their origin, nature, types, and some of their specific healing properties.

These beautiful crystals are different in type, and they each have their own special abilities for the mind, body, and soul. But on a general note, they help the mind with the flow of positive energy, and help the mind get rid of negative thoughts and energy- which is what everyone deserves. The stones are therefore beneficial to everyone. Keeping up the flow of good energy within the mind definitely reflects on the surface, which means there is also a significant improvement in our physical health as well.


You should not be surprised to hear the origin of these stones are from Buddhist and Hindu cultures in ancient India, generally known for their healing and medicinal ways. Right from the old days, these stones have been known for their healing properties, which they have maintained through millennia, till present day.

Despite the absence of concrete scientific evidence to support the benefits of crystal stones, many people are still drawn to its colorful beauty, and have testified to the positive effects of these stones on their general wellbeing. So, if you are curious to try these stones out, do not be discouraged by negative rumors. Ultimately, you really have nothing to lose, and stand a chance to go through a wonderful healing experience. So, why not give it a go?


We have briefly discussed the nature of these stones. Now, let’s explore just a few.

Clear Quartz

The clear quartz crystal is also referred to as the White Crystal and has been popularly known as the “master healer”. It works by absorbing and storing energy, before releasing and regulating same energy across the body. The primary effect of the Clear Quartz is to amplify energy, aiding with your concentration and memory. So, if you are a student or a daily worker with the tendency to go through a considerable amount of stress over the course of the average week, be sure to give the clear quartz a try. It is often paired with the Rose Quartz, as their color, functions and abilities often complement one another.

Rose Quartz

The word “rose” is used to describe this crystal because of both its color and abilities. Its beautiful pink-like color is ever radiant and pleasing to the eye. The Rose Quartz is often associated with love, and its related emotions. It is said to help in restoring harmony and trust in all kinds of relationships. It is also said to bring peace and comfort in times of grief. Interestingly, the Rose Quartz does not only improve your relationship with others, but it also enhances love, trust, and respect for oneself. You simply cannot be making a bad decision by trying out the Rose Quartz.


This is a smooth crystal often referred to as the “supreme nurturer”, which may appear exaggerative at first. However, the effects of this crystal more than justify the nickname. Generally, the jasper helps in empowering your spirit and gives you the necessary support in times of stress. With the Jasper crystal, your confidence is significantly increased. Your courage and self-esteem are also enhanced considerably. You will therefore have little reason to panic over your endeavors after properly preparing for them.


The world we live in is a considerably challenging place, and many of its challenges can bring us down sometimes. We all need enough positive energy to help in balancing out the down times. Citrine is a crystal healing stone which helps in bringing as much joy, enthusiasm, and delightfulness to your mind as possible. It adds to your optimism and motivation and gives you general clarity. You no longer need to begin and end your day on a sad note or struggle to find motivation to do the most basic things. At times when you may feel down and unmotivated, Citrine is there to provide you with enough positivity to carry on with your activities!


We all need to refresh once a while and set new goals for ourselves. No matter how hard things have been, we all deserve new beginnings, in charting our lives forward. Starting afresh requires a level of strength and resolve, which is where the abilities of the Moonstone Crystal come in-bringing the necessary ease. The crystal has been said to help in giving us the needed strength, at turning points and new beginnings in our lives. Deciding to renew your resolve and begin a new phase should come with a clear and focused mind, and the Moonstone has made this very possible for many.


We have only explored a few of the crystal stones around us, as well as their healing and medicinal properties. There are so many more. Our mental state plays an important role in how we go about our lives and how we relate with others. Many of these crystal stones – beyond the few listed above – have been proven to bring calm and cleansing into many lives. Thankfully, many more crystal stones with proven healing properties continue to be discovered, and in present day, you definitely don’t have to travel all the way to India to access them. Why not be open to testing one out for yourself? After all, you may just become a believer!

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