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An Introduction to Auras

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Do We Really Emanate Color?

Begin to Understand How Your Body’s Energy Translates to Color and Why it Uniquely Illustrates Your Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical Wellbeing

Have you been with people whose presence made you feel an unexplainable level of serenity or peace? You’ll hear phrases like: “That person has such a good Aura,” “I feel so at ease whenever I’m with you,” or “I felt so nervous and intimidated in her presence for some reason”. The fact is that even before you speak to some people, you may already have a fairly accurate inclination of what kind of person they are. But why?

Well, without even knowing it, you are picking up on that person’s “Aura”. So, what is an Aura? While it might sound magical and mystical, an Aura is simply an electromagnetic energy field that is emitted from and surrounds a person.

It is a subtle and intelligent energy that surrounds animate and inanimate objects. Every singular object has a specific frequency that blends with the magnetism in its immediate environment to construct its own electromagnetic field. Light, darkness, magnetic storms, cycles, sunspots and/or cosmic radiation can affect the Aura.

On an energetic level, auras correspond with our Chakras centers and our human overall state of consciousness. Most times, a specific color is used to represent Aura. This explains why some people’s energy seems to draw us in even when we stand at a distance from them. Auras can tell us quite a lot about a person before ever speaking to them.

The Aura is a blueprint (or pattern) that gives impetus to the person or object to grow, mature, decline, or die. This blueprint is arranged or rearranged in accordance with the level of intelligence and awareness radiating from the person/entity. It acts as a shield from other external and invisible radiation and functions as a line of communication with plants, animals and other humans.

The Background of Auras

Aura dates back to my Christian Mystics of the Middle Ages. Then, artists and painters portray the Aura as a light that surrounds the human body. Over time, researchers and scientists have also tried to capture the Aura through photography.

Engineer Nikola Tesla took one of such in 1891. According to New Age Philosophy, auras are symbols of colored emanation said to encapsulate all living things. It’s a manifestation of spiritual, mental and physical health. Modern spiritual advisors and alternative medicine practitioners claim to ‌color‌ and vibration of a person’s Aura.

Aura Colors and Meanings

The Aura is made up of different colors around the body. Your thoughts, attitudes, and feelings control each of these colors. They reveal the condition of your character, emotional nature, mental caliber, spiritual development, and state of health.

  • Red: Red is associated with passion, vibrancy, a fiery, firmly grounded person. They are unapologetic about seeking sensual and adrenaline-boosting activities like extreme sports, adventure, food, music, sex, etc. The red aura color embodies the root Chakra, which relates to connection with nature.

  • Orange: People with an orange aura are hands-on learners and dynamic team players who love fostering relationships and communicating with others. They are warm, personable, creative and crave adventurous experiences. The color is associated with the Sacral Chakra, which guides emotion, creativity, and sexuality.

  • Yellow: Yellow aura people exhibit confidence, joy, intellectual prowess, and a strong sense of self. They are usually great energy leaders with the ability to inspire others to achieve their best version. They are warm, radiant, positive and attract others like the sun itself. Yellow is linked with the Solar Plexus, which manages self-esteem, self-confidence, intellect, and personal power.

  • Green: Green is a color associated with nature, so what fascinates people with this color Chakra are nature, animals, and are sometimes natural healers. They are naturally forgiving, loving, kind and emit peaceful and calming energy. These people bridge the spiritual and physical worlds and easily balance their own needs with their feelings of responsibility to others and the world. The Green aura is connected with the Heart Chakra, which makes them focused, principled and creative.

  • Blue: The blue Aura represents communication, self-expression, spirituality, and intuition. People with the blue Aura are wise, intuitive, caring, nurturing and protective. They usually place high importance on personal relationships. The blue Chakra is connected with the Throat Chakra.

  • Indigo: These people possess psychic gifts. They are highly intuitive, empathic and rely on a deep inner knowing to make decisions and navigate the world. They are natural connectors, communicators who can help others see their higher purpose, intricate beauty, and the interconnectedness of the world around them. Indigo aura is associated with the third eye, Chakra known as Third Eye and the sixth Chakra of the body.

  • Violet: People with the violet aura energy are highly empathic, intuitive, charismatic, and driven towards a higher purpose. They are natural humanitarians who crave connection and give of themselves easily to help others reach higher states. Being deeply connected to the unseen, these people can manifest their dreams easily into reality and may possess psychic abilities. Violet aura is connected with the Crown Chakra, which rules connection to dreams and higher consciousness.

  • Pink: The people with a pink aura are compassionate and loving. They are so sensitive and sweet, so they must be careful with setting boundaries, else people can easily take advantage of them. They are natural healers, and other people feel serene and safe in their company. The pink Aura is associated with the Heart Chakra.

  • Turquoise: People with turquoise energy are skilled communicators (Thought Catalogue). They are empathic and dynamic healers and help others overcome difficulties to reach their higher potential. The turquoise Chakra is associated with the Throat Chakra.

3 Ways to Cleanse Your Aura

Are you feeling drained? Or are your emotions all over the place lately? Auras are connected to our energy, so cleansing your Aura is a beautiful act of ‌self-care. If you feel out of harmony, here’s how to cleanse your Aura:

1. Meditation

Meditation brings your mind, body, and spirit back into balance. It’s a powerful tool for emotional healing and can be done anywhere, anytime. It allows you to stay present and helps you cope with any obstacles that cross your path. To practice, you can meditate for 10 minutes or more each day.

2. Use Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmation washes away negative energy like a shower washing away stress after a tiring day of work. When you weave it into the conscious and subconscious mind, it helps to rewire limiting belief systems. Through repetition, positive beliefs replace the negative ones and become part of who we are.

3. Visualization

Simple visualization exercises help to balance the layers of your Aura. A simple yet effective technique is to envision yourself inhaling white, healing energy and exhaling black, negative energy out of your body. White bodes for light, love, and wisdom and black represents fear and the limiting beliefs holding you back.

Last Words

Everything is made of energy…absolutely everything in this universe. Our energy is sensitive and is affected by many factors. Auras are a simple way of knowing what our energetic state of being is. The mind and body are linked, and the Aura is believed to be a representation of this connection. Learning how to read your Aura is helpful to become aware of your energy and how it affects you and those around you. After all, the more we know and understand about ourselves, the more we link to all the other energies around us.

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