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An Introduction to Astrology and the Chakras

Why The Stars Align With Our Bodies

Begin to Decode the Real Mind-Body-Soul Connection to Discover the Relationship Between The Planets and Your Healing

Astrology is one heavily explored area, which started as a pseudoscience, but has clearly evolved into popular culture at this point of human civilization. Astrology is generally involved with the study of the movement of the stars and other celestial objects and using them to determine the affairs of humans. It determines these celestial shifts and cycles to be divine ways of communication and means of predicting situations on earth.

Contemporarily, astrology has mostly been associated with systems of horoscopes, which many of us have been extensively familiarized with – albeit reluctantly, sometimes. Many publications and materials on the internet contain information as regards the horoscope signs and how they determine the personality of the people related with them. Many of us have repeatedly heard how people who belong to the “Pisces” horoscope are likely to behave when in the company of their close friends, and how the “Sagittarius” are likely to respond to situations of emotional distress and high tension. All these predictions are based on centuries of studying astrology and its components.

What’s the More Recent History of Astrology?

In the past, the study of stars and other celestial bodies was considered a scholarly endeavor, taken up by academics and intellectuals. In many circles, it was closely associated with endeavors like astronomy, meteorology, medicine and alchemy. Its popularity and acceptance led to it being widely discussed in many other circles, including the political and literary scenes. Getting to the end of the 19th century, the practice and popularity of astrology generally declined, until it resurfaced in the 1960s, from when it remained in popular consciousness until current day.

What Does Astrology Have to do With Chakras?

If you have any extent of knowledge of the chakras, you won’t think it far-fetched for Chakras to be related with Astrology. They are both physiological systems that propagate the connection of the entire universe, and the relationship of humans and the universe. However, what you may not specifically know is how. What are the parts of astrology that connect directly with the chakra system, and how are they related to human behaviour and general health?

Chakras are energy points present in the middle section of the human body. They run from the top of the head to the base of the spine. Each energy point is expected to be open and balanced at all times, achieving internal balance that projects outwards and generally enriches our physical, mental and emotional well-being. Further studies of Astrology and the Chakras have specifically shown the relationship between the two concepts, directly linking each chakra point to a corresponding planet in the galaxy.

The Muladhara or Root Chakra at the base of the spine is said to be governed by the planet Saturn. The chakra point governs our sense of being grounded and safe within our environment and ourselves. It is linked with our sense of safety and security, and when unbalanced, it is said not to receive the cosmic energy from Saturn, and breeds traits like fear, indiscipline, feeling insecure and restlessness.

The Sacral Chakra (Svadhishthana) is associated with the water element and is said to be governed by the planet Jupiter. The planet is said to be directly connected to our creativity and sexual energy, giving us the fluidity and flexibility needed in these areas of our lives. An unbalanced sacral chakra receives no energy from Jupiter and affects the creativity, sexual performance, self-assurance, and the general material and spiritual life of a person.

The Manipura Chakra, closely associated with the fire element, is said to be governed by the planet Mars. The cosmic energy from Mars is said to grant personal identity, self-esteem, and personal power, if the chakra point is balanced and kept open. A blocked Manipura means a blocked access to the cosmic energy received from Mars, which attracts deficiencies like loss of physical strength, lack of independence, courage, and clarity.

The Heart Chakra (Anahata) is the primary bridge between the first three (physical) chakras and the final three (spiritual) chakras and is therefore associated with the air element. An open Anahata brings about joy and delightfulness and opens up the body system further to the possibility of accessing the final three chakra points. The celestial body which governs the Anahata chakra and its access is the planet Venus. When the chakra point is blocked or unbalanced, an individual becomes more susceptible to failure in love and generally unhealthy relationships.

The Throat Chakra (Vishuddha) is governed by the planet Mercury. It is the chakra point responsible for our authenticity and truthfulness. A balanced and open Vishuddha is said to receive enough cosmic energy from the planet Mercury, giving us the inner voice to accept our convictions, and trust in our gut feeling and opinions. When the chakra point is blocked from receiving the needed energy, the individual is likely to experience bad decision making, lack of the needed intelligence at vital moments, and problems with communicating properly.

The Ajna, also known as the Third-Eye chakra, represents our sixth-sense and intuition. It is generally governed by the Sun and the Moon, representing the soul and mind respectively. An imbalanced or blocked Ajna receives no cosmic energy from the Sun and the Moon and interrupts our ability to act intuitively. The instinctive awareness of a person becomes greatly diminished, and other issues such as overconfidence, the incessant need for domination and the lack of a proper sense of judgement.

Finally, the Crown Chakra (Sahasrara), which represents the final spiritual chakra and the pinnacle of all chakras, is not associated with any particular celestial object or zodiac sign. This is because by nature, the Sahasrara represents an existence outside ourselves, achieving oneness with the entire universe. The crown chakra is concerned with our awakening and our attainment of spiritual consciousness. It is therefore not governed by any particular star but dictated by the general movement and direction of the universe.

It becomes difficult to ignore the interconnectedness of the entire universe at some point, considering the many signs and activities existing within nature, which are too rampant to be called coincidences. The obvious connection between plants and animals, ecosystems and populations, and the various elements of nature, point to the fact that the stars and other celestial bodies cannot simply exist in isolation. Many cultures and practices that prioritize balancing their chakra points have truly achieved the mental state of being one with the universe. If you are sceptical about these practices, you can at least consider what you stand to gain if they were indeed true, and simply give it a try.

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