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Discover The Magical Journey of Becoming Yourself

You’ve suffered, sacrificed, and settled. And you’ve done it without complaint (most of the time, right?). But isn’t it time now to prioritize self-care and reclaim your health, peace, and strength?

If you’re finally ready to stop procrastinating or rationalizing away your own needs, then you have come to the right place. Our single goal is to empower you with ancient knowledge, cosmic practices, and universal truths, not as abstract or intimating concepts but as practical, relevant applications to our world and our lives today.

Come with us.


Welcome to
You Beyond Yourself
A Place of Siddha Sharing

We are so humbled and privileged to welcome you to our space of healing, love, and learning.

Our only endeavor is to become a trusted resource in which we share our talents, gifts, and experiences with you in hopes of helping you evolve into the ‘YOU’ you were always intended to be.


In addition to this informational site, I’ve created a Facebook group dedicated to all things surrounding Chakra healing including Ayurveda, Reiki, Yoga, Tantra, Meditation, and Singing Bowls along with many other alternative healing modalities. This group will be a space for investigators, beginners, and masters to all come together to learn, share, and mature. It is my prayer that we can develop a community together that fosters acceptance, realization, and self-care.

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Prisha Singh

The Story of

Prisha has devoted her life to mastering, sharing, and teaching the Chakras and all their connections with understanding, balancing, and healing ourselves.

Raised by a famous Vedic Astrologer and a renowned Reiki and Vastu Shastra Master in Nepal, Prisha Singh could say she was simply born for this path. However, her choice to pursue it came much later in life and for much different reasons... 

Upcoming Book Releases


Third "Solar Plexus" Manipura Chakra

Discover How You Can Combat Self-Doubt and Make Your Confidence Soar Without Even Leaving Your House!


The Scorpio

Understand the Scorpio to improve friendships, family bonds, professional associations, and romantic connections.

Upcoming Books

"Only take the parts of life that really matter too seriously.
YOU are one of those parts!"

Prisha Singh


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The Third ‘Solar Plexus’ Manipura Chakra?

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